Westfal-Larsen is renowned for the special loading/unloading equipment it uses to make cargo operations as fast and safe as possible, thus saving customers time and money.

Likewise, it has gone beyond industry standards in terms of cargo care, developing a range of solutions to ensure the safe reception and delivery of all types of loads.

This section details many of the special technologies and techniques currently in use, including animated videos and breakaway diagrams.

Pulp frame 40tons celulose

Unitized Woodpulp

Westfal-Larsen Shipping offers extremely fast loading services using high-tech "unihooks," providing safe and damage free handling of woodpulp. Our unihooks have quick hook up, automatic release, split functions allowing easy access for lifting machines. Our wide range of unihooks are positioned worldwide and can handle not only woodpulp, but all cargoes suitable for toplifting.

Rolled Products

Paper rolls

Our organization has a lifetime of expertise dealing with rolled products. Rolled products can vary substantially in size, weight and quality. The handling methods, therefore, must suit the various products. We can ensure the best handling of the cargo by using most suited handling method, i.e. vacuum handling equipment, core slings, core probes or marino slings. The configuration of our vessels, with the special tween deck system available for tier limited cargoes, also ensures suitable stowage avoiding pressure damage.


Project Cargoes

Our Box-Shaped Gantry Crane vessels with 2 - 70mt cranes and "tween decks" are perfect for a variety of cargoes. We have capacity to carry heavy lifts, bulk, forestry, steel and project cargoes all at the same time.


Westfal-Larsen Shippin's fleet is fully equipped for handling containers. Combining bulk, break bulk and containers or just loading containers, demonstrates the flexibility of our Open Hatch Gantry vessels.


Steel Drumlids

Steel is one of Westfal-Larsen Shipping's main commodities. There are many benefits to loading steel in Open Hatch Tonnage compared to conventional vessels. Our box-shaped holds afford special advantages, along with two gantry cranes, which offer greater productivity than can be obtained with four conventional cranes - saving shore labor costs, being less labor intensive.


Westfal-Larsen Shipping vessels handle a substantial amount of bulk cargoes, varying from grains and fertilizer to petcoke and iron ore. All vessels are grab fitted, and suitable grabs for these vessels are available.