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March, 2014 - Elongation of Okiana

Elongation of Okiana is already well underway. Here is a brief report from Masterbulk and some pictures to illustrate parts of the operation.

Okiana arrived the shipyard 28 Feb 2014.

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November, 2013 - Elongation of O-class in progress

On 27/11-13 Osakana arrived at Chengxi shipyard, here the vessel was cut in two with the purpose to add one additional cargo hold. The vessel was cut in way of no 5 hold and separated by use of hydraulic bogeys placed to take the whole weight of the ford part. Hydraulic controls on each are synchronized to act at same time by one remote control.

The new block weighing close to 1000 tons, was lifted off the berth by floating crane, brought to the dock, lowered and soon after in her resting place. Welding of the after part of the new section was completed first and then the shipyard brought back the forward section of the ship and welded also that part to the ship.

After rewelding of the section, there will be done some strengthening works and sea trials.  The whole operation has run like clockwork and the ship is expected ready for trading on 4th January, and the whole process is expected to take about 30 days.

The next vessel to follow will be Okiana. She is now en route China and will be ready for elongation in mid-February.

September, 2013 - Masterbulk changes

With effect from 1 September 2013 Nicholas F Fisher assumed responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of Masterbulk and for the Dry Bulk Group of Companies.

March, 23 - Hardanger inaugurates WLS regular service from Brazil to Far East

January 2013 was the start of WLS┬┤ regular liner service from EC South America to Far East. A long term contract for haulage of pulp from Brazil to China and Korea quickly triggered off a second contract for carriage of granite in blocks to China. The service will initially be run with one vessel per month until the second major pulp contract starts in January 2014, when frequency will be increased to two vessels per month.

The start-up of the Brazil/Far East service is a major achievement for WLS as the long hauls are the ideal employment for our larger vessels. After completion of discharge in Far East, the ships will be employed in our Far East/Europe service, or, alternatively in our Far East/USA service.

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