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September, 2013 - Masterbulk changes<
With effect from 1 September 2013 Nicholas F Fisher assumed responsibility as Chief Executive Officer of Masterbulk and for the Dry Bulk Group of Companies.
January, 2013 - Hardanger inaugurates WLS regular service from Brazil to Far East
January 2013 was the start of WLS´ regular liner service from EC South America to Far East. A long term contract for haulage of pulp from Brazil to China and Korea quickly triggered off a second contract for carriage of granite in blocks to China. The service will initially be run with one vessel per month until the second major pulp contract starts in January 2014, when frequency will be increased to two vessels per month.

The start-up of the Brazil/Far East service is a major achievement for WLS as the long hauls are the ideal employment for our larger vessels. After completion of discharge in Far East, the ships will be employed in our Far East/Europe service, or, alternatively in our Far East/USA service.

January, 2012 - Westfal-Larsen’s entry into the BC to China forest products trade
Inaugurating Westfal-Larsen’s entry into the BC to China forest products trade, M.V. Hardanger is this week loading the largest single hit export tonnage in Lynnterm’s history namely 44,600 tons of wood pulp for discharge in Qingdao, Shanghai and Changshu.
December 22, 2011 - WLS receives award from Port of Tarragona
In the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Tarragona Port Promotion Group-APPORTT held on 16th November 2011, it was unanimously agreed to award the prize for the Special Dedication to Westfal-Larsen Shipping, in recognition of the endeavour and constant meritorious work that has contributed to generating business in the Port of Tarragona.
July 20, 2011 - New Additions to the Masterbulk/Westfal-Larsen Shipping fleet
We are pleased to announce that MV Mobilana (ex Sanko Stream) was successfully delivered to Masterbulk Pte Ltd at Kakinada on July 20th. MV Mobilana will go straight to dry-dock at Pasir Gudang, before she is put in to service in our Far East-Usg/USEC trade.
July 7, 2011 - M/V OKIANA rescue operations in the vicinity of Carribean Sea
On 07th July, in the Carribean Sea approximately 54 miles east of San Andres enroute to Panama, our good vessel M/V Okiana was requested by the USCG to divert to render assistance to a distress fishing boat named Melany, registered in Las Pidras, Venezuela, with four fishermen onboard.
Dec 20, 2010 - Implementation of the Import Control System (ICS) EU ENS filing
Westfal-Larsen Shipping has taken all the steps required to ensure the smooth implementation of the Import Control System (ICS) EU ENS filing ( EU Regulation 1875/2006 ) as of January 1st, 2011. Many Countries are not ready as of this date while many Countries have their own requirements which may cause some questions. If you have any questions regarding our procedures please do not hesitate to contact us.
June 1, 2010 - Einar Didriksen takes over and Tor Schumann Olsen retires as President
Einar Didriksen (49) has taken over as President and CEO of Westfal-Larsen Shipping from 1st June 2010. Tor Schumann Olsen (66) has retired from the same date.
March 8, 2010 - Naming of MV Panamana.
Masterbulk and Westfal-Larsen Shipping's latest newbuilding "PANAMANA" was successfully named by Carmen Carsalade on 8th of March in Livorno, Italy. "PANAMANA" is the forth, and the last in a series of four about 55.000 tonners "P" class Open Hatch Gantry Craned built at Oshima Shipyard Ltd., Japan. She was delieverd 20th January 2010.
February 1, 2010 - Stephen W Fordham elected Chairman of Westfal-Larsen Shipping
The shareholders of Westfal-Larsen Shipping, Masterbulk Pte Ltd, has eleceted Stephen W Fordham as new Chairman as from 26th January 2010. The previouos Chairman, Ragnar Nielsen retired from 1st February 2010 from the position of President of Masterbulk Pte Ltd. New President of Masterbulk Pte Ltd. is Rune Steen.
January 20, 2010 - Delivery of MV Panamana.
Panamana' was delivered to Masterbulk/Westfal-Larsen Shipping 20th January 2010, from Oshima Shipyard. She is the last in a serie of four open hatch gantry crane vessels built at Oshima Shipyard for Masterbulk/Westfal-Larsen Shipping. Details, see Fleet.
January 14, 2010 - Delivery of MV Fjellanger.
Our affiliated company, Westfal-Larsen Co. AS took delivery from Hyundai Mipo Dockyard of hull no 2066, of IMO II chemical tanker, 46200 tdw, named FJELLANGER on 14. January, 2010. The vessel is registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register.
September, 2009 - M/V Pelicana, on her maiden voyage.
M/V Pelicana, on her maiden voyage from the Far East to Europe, called Bergen on 25th September 2009 enroute to Orkanger.
Business relations and all Westfal-Larsen employees and their families were invited onboard, to admire this most modern and latest addition to the Westfal-Larsen Shipping's fleet. A great success!
October, 2009 - Westfal-Larsen at the IFPTA Conference.
Westfal-Larsen Shipping was present at the IFPTA conference in Liverpool, UK in October 2009. Westfal-Larsens stand was successful and very popular, crowded by visitors most of the time. The WL delegates participated in most of the symposium events.
July 22, 2009 - Naming of MV Pelicana.
Masterbulk and Westfal-Larsen Shipping's latest newbuilding "PELICANA" was successfully named by Anne-Karine Skibenes on 26th of June at Oshima Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. "PELICANA" is the third in a series of four about 55.000 tonners "P" class Open Hatch Gantry Craned ordered at this Japanese shipyard. Delivery was on 22nd July.
March 11, 2009 - MV "Posidana" loads biggest pulp shipment in Westfal-Larsen history.
On March 11, 2009, the MV Posidana loaded 51.146 mts of woodpulp at the port of Flushing, The Netherlands. The cargo, which was Westfal Larsen's biggest load of pulp ever, was successfully delivered to the ports of Quindao and Shangshu in China in April, 2009.
April, 2009 - MV "Indiana" breaks record in Rio Grande.
In April 2009 the MV"Indiana" loaded 25.000 mts of pulp at Porto Novo and completed with another 15.000 mts from barges at the terminal of Yara Brasil, both located at the port of Rio Grande, Brazil. The shipment of 40.000 mts of pulp is the biggest single shipment of pulp in the port's history. The cargo was destined to China.